Cantoro Big Game Party

Cantoro Big Game Party

The annual Big Game Party is a big deal for many households – it has practically become a national holiday encompassing more than just football fans. If you’re going to host this year, the pressure is on to do it right, and the best way to score points with your guests is to have great food for them. Your local Cantoro Italian Market is ready to go with everything you need, in the three basic food groups of the Big Game.

The ultimate party finger food has got to be cheese: cheese with smoked meats, cheese with crackers, and cheese with wine… let’s just agree your Big Game party spread will need to have some. Choose your favorite varieties from our selection to be cut into Cantoro Cubes and pair them with roasted peppers, hard salami, and olives. We also make incredible cheese balls, with a Cheddar or Swiss base, which we don’t even mind if you claim as your own recipe – we know you’ll be back for more!
You know not to even try to have a Big Game party without beer, but to really satisfy your beer drinkers on game day you need to know your crowd. Do they prefer quantity or craftsmanship? Once you figure out whether you need a selection of dark stouts, light ales, or a keg of the old standby, we’re here to stock you up. Don’t forget about the non-beer drinkers, though, and have some hard cider or cocktails and soft drinks to serve as well.

There are two main ways to satisfy the cravings of your party guests throughout game day using salty crunchy snacks. You can provide a bounty of snack options, such as pretzels, tortilla chips, popcorn, pita chips, and crackers, with a few popular dip options, or go basic on one or two kinds of chips and lay out all the different dips: salsa, hummus, guacamole, sour cream & chive, and bacon-horseradish dip, for example.

Make sure to offer a plate of cut veggies to balance out the salt and provide freshness and color, and plan to give your hungry guests something more substantial during the day as well, like sandwiches, burgers, or pizza. Go team!

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