In Cantoro’s Game Day Challenge, Flavor Wins!

In Cantoro’s Game Day Challenge, Flavor Wins!

2017’s big championship Game Day is upon us at last – but there’s the athletic contest on TV, and then there’s the showdown between Cantoro’s Meat and Cheese Departments to score the most delicious game-day food for hungry fans and families. We’ve been training hard for this moment and we’re ready to show the adoring crowds why they come to us for winning appetizers, sides, and grilled goodies.

On the Cheese Team, the all-stars include Smoked Gouda, Sharp Yellow Cheddar, and Pepper Jack, flavors that have risen through the ranks with their proven crowd-pleasing abilities.  Cheese Spreads and 7-Layer Bean Dips round out the formation for this department’s high-score effort. Watch for their signature plays, inspiring cheesy smiles and disappearing from plates!

Meat Team is really bringing their A-game to your table, as well. VIPs include grill favorites Baby Back Ribs and Bone-in Chicken, and all-time nacho superstar Ground Chuck. Don’t overlook power players Chicken and Ham Salads when drafting your Game Day party plan. With this much flavor and versatility, meats from Cantoro could really smoke the competition.

The real winner is the person who gets their Big Game Day goods from Cantoro Market!

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