Cantoro’s recipe for Chai Latte Crème Brulee

Sept. 27 is National Bakery Day.

Pastry Chef Katie Klann  of Cantoro Italian Trattoria joined us on The Nine to to show us how to make a Chai Latte Crème Brulee. You can get her recipe below. 

Celebrating National Bakery Day with Cantoro Italian Bakery

Watch as Pastry Chef Katie Klann of Cantoro Italian Trattoria makes a Chai Latte Crème Brulee.

Chai Latte Crème Brulee

2 cups Heavy Cream
2 cups Oregan Trail (or preferred brand) liquid Chai Tea Concentrate
2  Cups Granulated sugar
1 Tbs Vanilla
2 ½ cups egg yolks (approx. 20 eggs)
In a saucepot bring heat sugar with cream, chai concentrate and vanilla
Once sugar has dissolved, temper in your eggs yolks. (This is done by placing your yolks into a bowl and using a ladle to slowly pour your hot cream mixture over them to blend the temperatures)
Add tempered mixture into the pot and whisk until combined.
Portion into 2 oz. ramekins and Bake at 225* for approx. 24-30 minutes.

Yields Approx. 24



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