Our Cheese Department

The Most Essential Cheese Collection in Southeast Michigan

Our knowledgable staff provides both intricate and simple recipes and is happy to guide guests through our delicious world of cheese. 


From the curing room in our lower level where our top cheeses are on display as they quietly age, to the spacious 400-variety cheese department upstairs in the market, one must experience it with their own eyes, and palate, to believe it. 


During our frequent visits to Italy’s top producers, only the farmers and producers wholly committed to the noble art of formaggio-making garner the attention of Cantoro owners Michael and John Fallone. That nobility is something the brothers learned from their father Mario decades earlier when he dreamt of building the best cheese shop outside of Europe. 


We have grown from a market with a fine Italian cheese department to one with incredible world-cheeses that include: 

  • The sharpest Parmigiano Reggiano from Parma, Italy
  • Perfect, soft, ripened, sea salty Brie de Meaux from France
  • Rare, age-old English Farmhouse Cheddar from Western England 
  • Buttery, nutty, fruity Gruyère from Switzerland
  • Full and fruity Mahon from the island of Minorca off the Mediterranean coast of Spain 
  • Perfect to grate on top of pasta, the salty and strong Caciocavallo from Sicily 
  • The most elite buffalo mozzarella produced in Campania, known as white gold or “pearl of the table” 
  • Real Italian-made fresh Ricotta…and, even a mozzarella that is now made right at Cantoro 
Hand-chosen, for every occasion.
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