Retail Wine, Spirits & Craft Beer


Welcome to Cantoro Market’s Wine Cellar. I have made my passion for wine my career. We research, taste and compare wines continuously, looking the for new up and coming producers and innovative, outstanding wines. Life does not get any better than this!!

We believe it is important to offer a wide variety of affordable, quality wines as well as the unique rare finds to suit our diverse clientele. Our in –house Sommelier, trained in both California and Italy, comes from a restaurant background and has had the opportunity to work with some of the most creative chefs in the industry. This experience has given him a wonderful insight in the world of wine pairing.

Our wine shop not only covers all regions of Italy, but unique wines from every part of the wine growing world.

Just when you think you have seen it all, visit our underground Tuscan wine cellar. Here all our unique and rare wines are housed in a perfectly temperature controlled cellar that is large enough for the most unique dinners.

Stop by, share a glass of wine with our trained staff at one of our tastings. Let our friendly trained Sommelier help you pair that perfect wine for your intimate dinner, picnic or gifts. No matter the occasion, you never need a reason for good wine.

Tom Newsted, Retail Beverage Director/Sommelier