Panettone, the storied Italian Christmas cake

Panettone, the storied Italian Christmas cake

Romanticism swirls around the history of this sweet, traditional bread made with raisins and candied citrus. A 15th-century nobleman smitten with a poor baker’s daughter is rumored to have invented the delicacy while under cover to woo her; though like most great traditions, there are a few compelling origin stories. What’s known for sure is that panettone became widely known after World War I, when a Milanese baker named Angelo Motta revolutionized the recipe, letting the dough rise three times for lightness and a domed shape. It wasn’t long before he had competition and bakers began large-scale production, making it possible for more Italians to afford and enjoy it for the holidays and year-round.

Their secret is out now – demand for imported Italian pastries like panettone is on the rise worldwide! Producers are always including new varieties, with chocolate chips, frosting, or fruity liquors. Panettone is delicious with cocoa, coffee and Prosseco, and is often served with whipped cream, ice cream, or eggnog. In many families, it is a part of breakfast as well as an after-dinner treat.

Your local food oasis, Cantoro Italian Market and Trattoria, is pleased to offer a great selection of panettone for you to share with your family this year and join the tradition. Individually packaged servings are great stocking stuffers or tree decorations to savor visually before eating. We’re currently stocking about 30 varieties – including SweetItaly, Maina, Bauli, Paluani, and Pasticceria brands – come pick out your new favorite!

*We also carry individual servings.

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