Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving leftovers are arguably the best part of the holiday. Once the big family event has gone off without a hitch, you can enjoy the fruits of your (or someone else’s!) labor for days and days to come!

After the first few meals consisting of reheated turkey dinner, many will turn to making various soups, sandwiches and casseroles to get some different flavors and textures and avoid boredom. Check out these selections: an easy Day-After Turkey Soup, a Turkey Brie and Apple Butter Sandwich (recipe for apple butter from extra pie fruit here), and a hearty Leftover Turkey Chili.

Feeling a little more adventurous? There is a LOT you can make from those leftovers if you want to get creative! Take the flavor profile to Italy with Turkey Bolognese, or get your Southwest fix with this Cheesy Turkey Tamale Pie. For lunches, snacks, or impressive appetizers, try these Fried Stuffing Bites with Cranberry Sauce Pesto. Pair any of the above with a Turkey Waldorf Salad and this Day-After Dip, made from white beans and sweet potato.

There are even ways to make Thanksgiving dinner into breakfast! We can’t wait to wake up to the warm aromas of Sweet Potato Waffles or Cranberry Carrot Muffins. For a savory option, leftover mashed potatoes become potato pancakes for this “Eggs in Purgatory” recipe.

Finally, even if your family has eaten everything but the bones from this year’s feast, you can still make delicious Turkey Broth and look forward to wintery evenings with hot soup in your future. Give thanks and shop at Cantoro for all your holiday needs!

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