The American Dream

Mario Fallone’s accomplishment of the “American Dream” has been driven by perseverance, sacrifice and a love for what he does.

Born in Sant Elia, Italy during World War II, Mario came to America in the early 1950’s, settling down in Detroit. This is where he gained his first experience in the grocery and sales industries — the foundation for what would be his future legacy.

In 1968, with professional experience under his belt and his feet firmly planted in the Detroit area, Mario purchased Cantoro Italian Market. In 1974, Mario purchased a lot located in the heart of Livonia, which is now the Livonia Cantoro Italian Market.

Today, with the help and support of his wife Pasqualina “Pat,” the Cantoro Italian Market is a true Detroit family business, local favorite and American success story that remains a family endeavor. Their two sons, John and Michael, oversee day-to-day operations and their son-in-law, Edie, oversees the Livonia store.