Fresh Meat Department

The finest chicken breast for your Chicken Parmigiana recipe. Spicy House-made Sausage to grill with onions and green peppers. The leanest Ground Beef for your Bolognese sauce. The perfect Prime Rib for your main course.

At Cantoro Italian Market, we are proud of our longstanding tradition of farm fresh cuts, grinds and sausages, plus an extensive selection of interesting and deliciously prepared meats that are ready for the oven or barbecue. Only the highest quality meats and poultry are permitted
in our Meat Department – we cut no corners.



We make sausage right here at Cantoro. Prepared fresh daily, it is available in several varieties including Italian, Wine & Cheese, Breakfast and Chicken. We also prepare fresh ground meats on premises every day to keep up with customer demand.



All of our fresh beef is top USDA Choice from the Upper Midwest and Kansas. 



11.2015_59Cantoro offers Bell & Evans air-chilled chicken, which is organically raised and antibiotic free.Whether you’re picking up ingredients for tonight’s dinner or to stock in the freezer, Cantoro’s natural meats from quality sources are piced right. You will
see and sense the difference in quality and service the moment you step in front of our counter.


The literal translation is: “I know my chickens,” meaning “I know what I’m talking about.” Our knowledgeable staff share expert cooking tips and will help you choose the perfect choice cuts to make any meal extraordinary.