Cantoro Summer Wines For Hot Summer Days

Cantoro Summer Wines For Hot Summer Days

All week the weather is going to be hot, and great weather will last into September. Here in Plymouth, our Sommelier, Cantoro Italian Trattoria General Manager Alex Bazzy dishes advice about some of his favorite summer wines and what to pair them with – available in the market of course! These are perfect for Labor Day picnics, summer grilling this week and deep into September!

Alex recommends:

G.D. Varja  Luigi Baudana “Dragon” 2020  (Langhe)

Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Nascetta, Riesling. 

Pale, bright yellow color.   Dragon opens to fresh fruit aromas such as kiwi, lime and pear. Hints of minerality like flint and slate complete the elegant bouquet. The palate is citrusy with flavors of orchard fruit, macerated elder flower and candied orange peel that shine through the fresh and vibrant acidity. Unoaked and accessible it totally reflects the elegance and finesse of a well-made Langhe white.   

Drink by itself or enjoy with most anything.   Retails in our market for $18.99 


Masseria Borgo Dei Trulli “Primativo Rosato”  2020 (Puglia) 

A great little rose from Puglia. One hundred percent Primativo.   Beautiful salmon color, aromas of strawberry, peach and citrus that follow nicely on the palate.  Light body, on the drier side with low tannins and balanced acidity.  A perfect summer wine!  Enjoy with or without food!   Retails in our market for $11.99 


Occhipinti “Il Frappato”2019 (Sicily) 

This one may be bit of a push for summer time drinking since the tannins are just a tad high but this is such a fun, interesting wine it’s worth the gamble! 

 A lighter bodied red with a nice concentration of ripe dark fruit.   Hints of cherry and anis on the palate.  This one will work with BBQ chops, steaks and burgers!  Retails in our market for $45.99 

Yes, you should enjoy Rosé

The fresh, crisp, flexible style of this wine makes it perfect for any day of the summer. Whether it’s rainy or sunny, incredibly hot or a perfect 70 degrees, there’s a style of rosé to match your needs.  In Italy, rosés are popular and are making a rightful comeback here in the states.

When you’re looking for the perfect rosé, there are few things you should keep in mind: 

  • The age of the bottle
  • Fruity doesn’t always mean sweet
  • Don’t be afraid of dry rosés 

Whereas other wines get better with age, rosé wines should be consumed a year or two after production. They shouldn’t age any more than that because some of the qualities we love—such as the acidity and the crispness—will begin to deteriorate. 

Both red and white wines are great for summer sipping. Regardless of color, we recommend choosing something with high levels of acidity and low levels of tannins (in red wines), as these bottles will likely keep you more refreshed than those with lower levels of acid and high levels of tannins. 

Best Italian red wines for summer

Pro tip: avoid heavy, full-bodied red wines during the summer. They’ll dehydrate you and tire you out at a time when you most need hydration. So which reds should you choose at Cantoro?

In the heat of the summer, look for red wines that have the following three qualities: 

  • Great taste when chilled 
  • Low tannin levels 
  • Higher acidity

We recommend: Frappato 

  • Low tannins make this an easy-drinking red wine. Its light-bodied nature points to its reliance on freshness rather than on overwhelming flavor. Serve this one lightly chilled. 

ENJOY the splendors of Michigan summer at Cantoro Italian Market! Our wine experts are here to help, everyday! 




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